Level 5: World Building Submission

Level 5: World Building Submission

Level 5: World Building Submission

During semester A of Level 5 I chose the World building elective, focusing on creating original believable universes for animated media. The brief required environment and character concept art as well as a large detailed proforma document describing the world.

The vast majority of the project was detailed written work, initially created by ‘playing’ a session of Microscope with other members of the class then documenting and expanding upon the results in our own time. The process involved the use of small paper cards, a timeline of eras was created along the top from left to right with a column of major events beneath each. Positive and negative events/eras are indicated via dark/solid or light/hollow circles on each card. Along the right was a selection of ‘INs and OUTs’ namely what is and isn’t present in this setting. Along the very top of the session I added some small diagrams and explanations for how the exotic physics of the world namely its day and night cycle might function.

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Microscope Game
The results of my game of Microscope in class and the starting point for my world

I created both pieces of concept art below via digital painting using Adobe Photoshop with some photo-manipulation, photo-montage and paint-over used for each.

Dyson sphere interior
Concept art of the interior surface of the dyson sphere my world took place on.
The Technician
Concept art of the work’s main character

At over 2500 words the final document was very thoroughly outlined and achieved a grade of 75/90

The final document can be read here

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